Week Eighteen – Relax! When you wanna curate..

Above image: Maybe I should chill out and read my paper on the beach like this lady from the Nova Scotia Archives. (Photo by George Walker MacKay, no date.) Available at https://www.flickr.com/photos/nsarchives/6189108165/ Work and Internships This week has been consumed by hours of reading related to my next module of coursework. I’ve also written the second... Continue Reading →


Week Seventeen – Does my bum look big in this? On giving honest feedback.

Image above: by Helen Dryden, 2019. What I have learned over the last week has not been directly linked to my course work, but is important to my learning, nonetheless. I have found that when you are asked for an opinion, people might not actually mean that they want your full and frank assessment. We... Continue Reading →

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