Link to my guest post on Leeds Museums and Galleries’ ‘Secret Lives of Objects’ blog

Here's a link to a blog post I wrote for Leeds Museums and Galleries about some volunteer work I'm involved in, co-curating a WW1 display case at the City Museum. I'm working within a group of volunteers being guided by curator Lucy Moore to refresh the objects in the display case in the 'Leeds... Continue Reading →


End of first year of Curation Practices MA (and I feel fine)

Above: A group of student curators, hard at work harvesting a fresh batch of culture from the cultural fields of Finland. (Actually, photo credit: Kulutusosuuskuntien Keskusliiton kokoelma D1974_33_10549B. Koululaisia maatöissä jatkosodan aikana. photographer unknown / kuvaaja tuntematon 1942 Finland / Suomi Finnish Museum of Photography / Suomen valokuvataiteen museo ). It’s the end of my first academic year studying... Continue Reading →

Brick Man talk, and WW1 Case.

Curator’s Talk about Gormley’s unrealised Brick Man. Yesterday I popped down to Leeds Art Gallery to hear the lunchtime talk from Curator of Sculpture, Dr Rebecca Wade, which was about the maquette for Antony Gormley’s proposed Brick Man sculpture. Brick Man was going to be a 120 foot high piece of public art for the... Continue Reading →

Week 22: power to the people

Above: Some common people. They're dressed as birds. I mean, would YOU let them have a say in how you run your museum? You WOULD? Ok then, very good, carry on. Photo from - "Audubon" the National Audubon Society (1899). This week I’ve had a studio visit with an artist friend. I’ve found that we... Continue Reading →

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